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The Year in Review 2009, Part 3: Culture and the Media

Part 3: Culture and the Media With the first month of 2010 coming to a close, we’re back to present the final chapter of the Year in Review 2009. Pop culture and the media. 2009 was a year of media frenzies. The White House engaged in a battle against Fox news, which it described as […]

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The 3rd Dimension

Despite relatively mediocre reviews, Avatar has grossed slightly over $1.6 billion worldwide since its December 18th release. Less than a month later, virtually every major electronics company was showing off 3D televisions and Blu-Ray players at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. Just as 2009 could be called the year of Twitter and the iPhone, 2010 […]

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Twenty First Century Hate: Extremism in Germany

The Nazi party didn’t die with Hitler. Neo-Nazism is still present around the world, but especially in Germany. Many Germans are disgusted by the far-right group while others still adhere to the group’s rhetoric. Despite the country’s calculated efforts to stamp out its extremist past, the neo-Nazi movement remains alive and well in Germany, forging […]

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