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A Push for Population Control

Take a moment to think about the past week in your life. What stress, if any, did you experience? What could have been the source of that stress? The American Psychiatric Association consistently cites one sweeping cause of stress in its national and focus group studies: feeling overburdened.

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Twenty First Century Hate: Extremism in Germany

The Nazi party didn’t die with Hitler. Neo-Nazism is still present around the world, but especially in Germany. Many Germans are disgusted by the far-right group while others still adhere to the group’s rhetoric. Despite the country’s calculated efforts to stamp out its extremist past, the neo-Nazi movement remains alive and well in Germany, forging […]

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Is It Me, or Are We Speaking English Again?

The world of the 21st century has gone a long way in linking people in ways previously unheard of. Emerging as the lingua franca of the world, English sits atop other languages in many respects. It is the language of science, aviation, computing, tourism, and more importantly, diplomacy. Competition, however, is an inevitable consequence for […]

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