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It was first seen in high schools across the nation during September of 2009. It would be seen on shirts and in speech, and it would be alien to anyone who did not watch TV. Then, slowly but surely, it would make its way into the magazines, into the words of talk show hosts, and […]

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The Demise of the Expert

The idea of an “expert” is simple enough: one who spends time studying and practicing a particular field in order to gain more knowledge in that field than the average person. This “learning” could include personal education through extensive research or hands-on experience, possibly with higher level education through a university or some similar program. […]

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The Marketability of Mediocrity: Soulja Boy and the Music Industry

In his own way, rapper Soulja Boy (born DeAndre Way) is a musical genius. At the age of 19, Way has seen three of his songs reach the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Top 20, with his number one single “Crank That” capturing the top spot for 7 weeks—longer than such classics as The Beatles’ “Can’t […]

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