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The 3rd Dimension

Despite relatively mediocre reviews, Avatar has grossed slightly over $1.6 billion worldwide since its December 18th release. Less than a month later, virtually every major electronics company was showing off 3D televisions and Blu-Ray players at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show. Just as 2009 could be called the year of Twitter and the iPhone, 2010 […]

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The Year in Review 2009, Part 1: New Governments

2009 was not exactly the most memorable year. If anything, it’s notable for being one of the gloomiest years of late. Bank accounts are drying up, foreclosures are through the roof, and unemployment is the highest its been in nearly three decades. In all parts of the world, there aren’t many who can look back […]

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It was first seen in high schools across the nation during September of 2009. It would be seen on shirts and in speech, and it would be alien to anyone who did not watch TV. Then, slowly but surely, it would make its way into the magazines, into the words of talk show hosts, and […]

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